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Understand Life Insurance

Life insurance guide

Basics of Life Insurance

Life Insurance can provide financial protection to your loved ones and accomplish their life goals in your absence. Life Insurance makes sure that you and your family live a secure life. Let us help you understand in detail about life insurance, its salient features, how it works, its benefits etc.

Do you need Life Insurance if you are Single?

Do you need Life Insurance if you are Single?

A life insurance plan is a financial tool that helps you protect your family’s life goals and secure their future financially. It is simply a contract between a life insurance provider and the insured person, and it is valid for a specific period known as the policy term. In case the insured person passes away during this policy term, death benefits are paid out to their nominees.

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Steps for Buying a Life Insurance

Steps on How to Buy a Life Insurance Policy

A life insurance policy is a contract between a person and an insurance company in which the insurer provides financial safeguard to the insured in exchange for recurring payments, i.e., premium.

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Advantages of Life Insurance – Need for a Life Insurance Policy

What are the Advantages of having a Life Insurance Policy?

It's critical to protect your family's financial future, especially if you're the household's sole or principal breadwinner. Life insurance ensures that your family is financially protected even if you are not present. Life insurance is a financial safety net for you and your loved ones. It assures that you and your loved ones are always supported financially.

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Income Tax Benefits on Life Insurance – Section 80C & 10D

What are the Tax Benefits of Life Insurance?

A contract between you and an insurance provider is known as life insurance. In exchange for your premium payments, the insurance company will pay your nominees a lump sum amount known as a death benefit if anything untoward happens to you during the policy term.

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How Life Insurance Works?

How does Different Types of Life Insurance Policies Work?

A life insurance plan is one of the preferred financial tool that has the capacity to keep your family protected even when life throws unexpected surprises at you. Though you might know the answer to the question ‘What is Life Insurance?’, chances are that you don’t know exactly how it works. If that’s the case, then this article can help you out. Here’s an overview of the different types of life insurance plans and how they work.

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Know why you need a life insurance

Know why having a life insurance policy is important!

There’s a lot of uncertainty surrounding us. Life in itself is uncertain. You never know what might happen now or in the future. Therefore, it is crucial for you to account for this uncertainty and unpredictability of life. And what better way to do that than by investing in a life insurance plan? If the question ‘what is life insurance and do I need one?’ running on your mind right now, then this article will be of help.

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Group Life Insurance – What is it all about?

Group Life Insurance – Everything you need to Know

There are many different types of life insurance policies out there. While some like term insurance are designed to offer pure protection, others like endowment plans also give you the option to create wealth. Although most life insurance policies are designed for and directed towards an individual, there’s one that’s not - group life insurance. Want to know more? Continue reading to find out all about group life insurance. That said, before we actually get to it, let’s first quickly take a look at the concept of life insurance.

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Savings plan

Savings Plan – Know All About It

A life insurance plan helps you protect your family financially in the event of your untimely demise. But then, did you know that there are certain life insurance plans that provide more than just a life cover? These types of insurance plans are what are commonly referred to as insurance cum savings plans. Interested to know more? Keep reading to find out everything there is to know about them.

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Features of life insurance

Features of Life Insurance

The lifespan of human beings has gone up significantly in recent years. But the risk of premature death is something that’s always present. And in many cases, premature loss of life not only has an emotional impact, but also creates a financial impact on a family. This is truer if the deceased turns out to be the breadwinner.

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Life insurance premium

What is Life Insurance Premium?

Life can be very uncertain. And it is always a good thing to be prepared for what the future may hold. One of the ways to plan for your future is to purchase a life insurance plan. It helps ensure that your loved ones are safe and financially secure even in case something unexpected happens to you. A financial safety net can make sure that your family’s life goals are not affected negatively.

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Insurance Fraud Scam Calls

Beware of Insurance Theft Scam Calls! You Could be the Next Target

Have you been receiving unsolicited life insurance calls every other day? In recent times, an increasing number of frauds have been noticed in the form of spurious calls and emails, where fraudsters offer fake bonuses and benefits to policyholders, only to cheat them later. To avoid becoming a victim and losing your hard-earned money, you must know how to identify a scammer and how these calls take place.

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Types of Life Insurance Fraud

Most Common Types of Life Insurance Frauds

Insurance fraud seems like an easy job. One might wonder, how hard can it be? Abandon your car, report it stolen, file for insurance, cash your check and head out for that vacation. Or else, it isn’t much difficult for the fraudster to forge documents and present himself as a bank official, get you to buy an insurance policy, and fly away with your money.

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COVID impact on insurance industry

Impact Of Coronavirus On Insurance Industry

Around the latter half of 2019 in China, a novel virus - SARS CoV-2 was identified. This virus belonged to the family of coronaviruses and was capable of causing severe respiratory distress in affected individuals. The disease was formally given the name Covid-19 and was assumed to be transmissible through the air.

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How to keep your employees motivated during Coronavirus

How to keep your employees motivated during Coronavirus

The COVID-19 pandemic has not only hit us all financially but has also caused a deterioration in our mental health as well. The ever-extending lockdowns, strict social distancing norms, and long periods of isolation have all contributed to several mental health issues in individuals. If you’re an employer, you have it is even harder. However, all these measures taken are important for our safety.

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How to buy a suitable COVID-19 insurance policy

How to Buy a Suitable Covid-19 Insurance

COVID-19 is a disease that is caused by a particular family of coronaviruses - SARS CoV-2. The disease is particularly devastating and can quickly result in respiratory distress, which can finally lead to death. The virus was first detected in 2019 in China and quickly spread to many nations including India.

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Build better lives post COVID

How Insurance Can Help You Build A Better Life Post-COVID

COVID-19 has impacted us all greatly. This infectious disease caused by the novel coronavirus has brought everyday life to a grinding halt and changed the meaning of the term "normal", as we knew it. Due to the pandemic, life insurance has been in the spotlight for quite some time now.

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Coronavirus Precautions

Simple Precautions To Reduce The Spread Of Coronavirus

The coronavirus has spread across the globe, causing unforeseen transformations in the way we carry out our everyday activities. Even as the number of infections and the casualties from the virus continue to rise, regulatory bodies and experts all over the world remain passionate about the fact that some tried and tested coronavirus precautions can help curb the spread of the virus. To understand more about these precautionary measures, it is first important to understand what COVID-19 is and how it spreads.

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Stay fit during COVID-19 lockdown

How To Stay Fit During COVID-19 Lockdown

The ongoing pandemic and the resulting coronavirus lockdown has forced almost all of us to stay indoors for months. This has not only thrown us off our regular routines, but has also contributed to a huge lack of physical activity among a major section of the public. Therefore, staying fit and active during these trying times is the need of the hour right now. Here are some tips and a list of exercises that you can follow to keep yourself active throughout the day.

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Common Coronavirus Symptoms

Common Coronavirus Symptoms To Look Out For

COVID-19 has turned out to be a game changer in many ways. The pandemic spread across multiple countries in the world and caused changes of an unprecedented scale. Nearly one year after the first cases were identified in Wuhan, China, we are slowly but steadily inching towards learning more about the disease. Short for Coronavirus Disease 2019, COVID-19 causes a wide array of symptoms in the people it affects.

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Importance of life insurance

Importance Of Life Insurance During The Coronavirus Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic brought about many uncertainties in the life of the common person. Job losses and pay cuts were problems that riddled the working population, while India’s small businesses faced many uncertainties in their revenue share. The stock markets were also extremely volatile early on in the pandemic, with the SENSEX losing around 3,900 points on one single trading day.[1]

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Will life insurance cover COVID-19

Will Life Insurance Cover COVID-19 Death Claims?

The COVID-19 pandemic has turned out to be a huge reality check. It has not only made us sit up and take note of our lives, but has also prompted us to make several changes to our lifestyle. It has made us more conscious of our health and has driven home the importance of having life insurance better than anything else has.

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Work From Home during COVID-19

How To Work From Home Efficiently During COVID-19 Lockdown

The COVID-19 crisis was unexpected, and clearly, many new changes have come about owing to the spread of the coronavirus. Late in March 2020, the government announced a lockdown in India due to COVID-19 pandemic, which meant that people had to stay indoors in order to curb the spread of the disease. This lockdown affected regular life in several ways. Foremost among the changes that followed the coronavirus lockdown in India is the fact that remote working became the norm.

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Things To Do In COVID-19 Quarantine

Things To Do In COVID-19 Quarantine

It would be an understatement to say that the coronavirus pandemic has disrupted our lives. As caseloads increase and citizens are told to keep away from public spaces and crowds, people seem to be spending more time at home. So, what does staying home during the coronavirus pandemic mean?

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Buy life insurance online during COVID-19

Benefits Of Buying Life Insurance Online During COVID-19 Pandemic

As the pandemic continues to have the world in its grip, more people are learning about the importance of getting themselves a life insurance policy. Having an insurance policy is like a ring of protection around the policyholder’s loved ones, in the unfortunate event of the policyholder’s demise. With the uncertainty around COVID-19 growing with each passing day, having an insurance policy can mitigate the stress and ensure that your family’s life goals and finances are sound.

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Best time to buy life insurance during COVID-19

COVID-19 – Why Best Time To Buy Life Insurance Is Now

Life insurance is essential at all times because it offers protection to the insured and their loved ones. It becomes all the more pertinent at a time such as this; the pandemic has taken a toll on not just the health and lives of people but on livelihoods as well. Having a ring of protection such as life insurance can ensure you cope better.

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Best time to buy life insurance during COVID-19

How To Buy Life Insurance During COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has left the entire world in shock. As the disease started spreading relentlessly, moving from one country to the other, their ever-bustling economies froze. Although the spread of the coronavirus in India came about a little late, we are still one of the most badly affected nations in the globe.

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Secure life goals using life insurance

COVID-19 – How Life Insurance Helps You Secure Life Goals

Every individual and family is advised to financially plan for all his or her short-term and long-term goals. This ensures that when it is time to fulfil these goals, you can be rest assured that you are adequately prepared. However, with the current pandemic situation, such well-planned life goals are in danger of being disrupted.

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Life cover

How To Determine Your Life Insurance Cover

Figuring out the amount of life cover that is desirable to your needs is a tricky question. Let us address the question of "What is life insurance" first.

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Life insurance quotes

Life Insurance Quotes – Know All About Them

One of the most important parts of financial planning is a well-planned life insurance plan. It is often advised for youngsters to get themselves a life insurance policy as soon as they start earning. It is indeed important for everyone to insure themselves and their families against eventualities and ensure a secure future. Before diving into life insurance quotes, let us begin by understanding life insurance as an instrument.

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What is life insurance policy

What Is Life Insurance Policy?

Insurance penetration and insurance density, which reflects the development of the insurance sector in a country, is still very low in India. In FY 2018-19, India had an insurance penetration rate of 3.7% compared to the global average of 6%, and insurance density of just $74 compared to the global average of $682[1].

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Types Of Life Insurance Plans

Types Of Life Insurance Policies In India

A life insurance plan or policy allows a policyholder to enter into a formal contract with a life insurance company where the insurer agrees to pay a mutually agreed sum to the beneficiary in the event of the life assured's death or upon maturity of the plan.

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Life insurance benefits

Benefits Of Life Insurance Plans

On any given day, you may come across several TV commercials, newspaper and online ads, hoardings and magazines trying to tell you about the importance and benefits of life insurance. Yet, how many people take action and buy a life insurance plan when they see those ads?

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Whole life insurance

Whole Life Insurance – Know All About It

There are innumerable risks to human life. Millions lose their lives every year in unpredictable incidents ranging from accidents to natural calamities. The emotional toll of losing a family member gets adequate focus, but the financial impact goes unnoticed. Life insurance policies have become the primary tool for mitigating the financial impact of untimely death. A typical life insurance policy has a fixed tenure. However, whole life insurance plans have changed the dynamics for potential customers.

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Life insurance policy

Life Insurance – A Comprehensive Guide

Human life is uncertain. Even though the risks to human life have reduced with the advancement of technology, hundreds still meet a premature death on a daily basis. The loss of a bread-winning member can deal a body blow to the entire family. The loss is emotional as well as financial and many families fail to recover from the financial impact. The emotional loss cannot be compensated but the financial loss can be mitigated to an extent. Life insurance plans can help one secure the financial future of his/her family. The pay-out from life insurance plans can be used for income replacement, which can be of immense importance for the financial well-being of the family.

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