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Public Notice by Bajaj Allianz Life

Public notice announcement by Bajaj Allianz Life

Public Notice by Bajaj Allianz Life

  • Pursuant to IRDA Circular no IRDA / F&I / INV / CIR / 213 / 10 / 2013, dated 30th Oct 2013, Investment Committee of the company has selected National Stock Exchange (NSE) as primary stock exchange and Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) as secondary stock exchange. Accordingly, for the purpose of calculating NAV, listed equity shares are valued at last quoted closing price on the NSE and in case the equity shares are not listed or traded on NSE then they are valued on the last quoted closing price on the BSE.

  • Pursuant to IRDA circular no. 053/IRDA/ACTL/ULIP/OCT-08 and subsequent IRDA Cir No. 21/IRDA/ACTL/ULIP/OCT-08, restriction on investment in money market instruments is relaxed by IRDAI. Please refer the updated fund mandates of unit linked funds in the fund performance section of the website.