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Bajaj Allianz iSecure A Non-Linked Non-Participating Term Life Insurance Plan

    • Level life cover
    • High sum assured rebate
    • Death Benefit payments in instalments
    • Joint life cover
iSecure term assurance plan
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  • Key Advantage
  • How this works
  • Eligibility
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  • Policy Benefits

iSecure Term Assurance Policy - Overview

A little planning goes a long way to manage some of the surprises life may have in store for you. This planning can also be essential to secure your family’s future, keeping their life goals on track. Buying a term insurance plan is one such plan to help your family realise their goals even in your absence.

Bajaj Allianz iSecure, a term plan, enables you to provide the required financial security for your family. It offers a life cover at a low premium, with the option to your loved ones to receive the death benefit in instalments, in order to meet their financial needs.

Rebate for high sum assured

If you opt for a high sum assured, iSecure offers attractive rebates in premium. 

Life cover to your spouse

Enjoy the flexibility to include your spouse in the same policy, at inception or at a later date (in case of single at policy) inception, and enjoy joint life rebate on the total gross premium.

Payouts in instalments

The nominee can opt to receive the death benefit payout in equal monthly instalments for five or ten years.

Lower premium for a healthy lifestyle

Get rewarded for maintaining a healthy life-style, if applicable, with special premium rates for non-smokers and for medically fit non-smoker1 .

Multiple options for policy terms

Choose a policy term of 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 years depending on your requirement.

Alter premium payment frequency

Premium can be paid in monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and annually. You can change the premium payment frequency on any policy anniversary.

Avail tax benefit

Premium paid are eligible for tax benefit under Section 80C and death benefit is eligible for tax benefits under Section 10(10D) of the Income Tax Act, subject to provisions stated therein.

Option to enhance your coverage with rider benefits

Option to choose among three rider options to expand the coverage at a nominal extra cost.

Bajaj Allianz iSecure offers you the choice to cover your spouse as well jointly with yourself. You can customize your policy to suit your requirement by following the steps as follows:

Choose either individual or a joint life cover

Choose your sum assured(s) (Life Cover)

Choose your Policy Term & premium payment frequency

Step 4:   If sum assured chosen is ` 20,00,000 & above, you may choose your lifestyle categoryeither  “Non-Smoker1” or “Smoker1”.

Your premium will be based on your current age(s), sum assured(s), lifestyle category (if applicable), policy term and premium payment frequency.

In case of unfortunate demise, the death benefit will be the sum assured under the policy.

1This categorisation is available for sum assureds of ` 20,00,000 & above and subject to medical examination/tests as decided by the Company.

A Non-smoker who has no abnormalities in his medical examination/tests or family/personal history; has no risky avocation and does not have a risky occupation, as decided by the Company, is classified as a Preferred Non-Smoker.

Entry Age

Minimum age is 18 years

Maximum age is 60 years

Maturity Age

Minimum Maturity Age

28 years

Maximum Maturity Age

70 years

Policy Term

10, 15, 20, 25 & 30 years

Minimum Installment Premium

Sum Assured





Less than `2,000,000





Greater than or equal to `2,000,000





* For monthly installment, three (3) installments need to be paid at the inception of the policy.

Sum Assured

Minimum Sum Assured

`250,000 for general category and
`20,00,000 for the categories split by Preferred Non-Smoker1 , Non-Smoker1 & Smoker

Maximum Sum Assured

No Limit

1This categorization is available for sum assureds of Rs.20,00,000 & above and subject to medical examination/tests as decided by the term insurance company.

Jai, 30 years old

Jai has opted for iSecure for a policy term of 20 years. The Sum Assured chosen by him is ₹ 1,00,00,000 for which he is paying an annual premium of ₹ 10,465 after a high sum assured rebate of ₹ 5,635

  • Death Benefit

In case of unfortunate death of Jai at 7th policy year, benefits received by the nominee will be the sum assured of ₹ 1,00,00,000.

Premium shown are for a non-smoker male life exclusive of Goods and Service Tax.

The sum assured amount and/or other benefit amount indicated, if any, is a non-guaranteed illustrative figure and is subject to policy terms and conditions.

Death Benefit

A.Individual Life

  • In case of unfortunate death of life assured during the policy term, provided all premiums are paid up to date, the benefit will be Sum Assured on Death$
  • The policy cover will terminate immediately on death of the life assured.

B. Joint Life

  • The death benefit is payable on death of each life, provided the policy is in-force. The benefit payable will be Sum Assured on Death$
  • On death of any one of the life assureds, the policy will automatically continue on the surviving life assured with a reduced premium. The reduced premium will be based on the age, lifestyle category (if applicable), policy term, and premium payment frequency of the surviving life assured as at the inception of the policy and the sum assured with respect to the surviving life under the policy.
  • The policy cover will terminate immediately on death of the surviving life assured.

$Sum Assured on Death is defined as the higher of (a) 10 times Annualised Premium*, (b) 105% of total premiums paid* till date of death, (c) Sum Assured (or prevailing sum assured, if applicable)
*Annualised Premium is the total premium/s payable in a policy year. The annualized premium is exclusive of  Goods & Service Tax/any other applicable tax levied, subject to changes in tax laws, extra premium, and, and Total Premiums paid shall be the total of all premiums received, exclusive of taxes, and extra premium, if any. Please note that Goods & Service Tax/any other applicable tax levied, subject to changes in tax laws, will be collected over and above the premium under the policy.

Maturity Benefit

No maturity benefit shall be payable on survival till the end of the policy term.

Surrender Benefit

No surrender benefit is payable under the plan.

Tax Benefits

Premium paid are eligible for tax benefits under section 80C of the Income Tax Act and death benefit is eligible for tax benefits under Section 10(10D) of the Income Tax Act, subject to the provision stated therein.

Additional Rider Benefit

You have the option to enhance your coverage with optional rider benefits. The riders currently available with Bajaj Allianz iSecure are:

Sr. No.




Bajaj Allianz Accidental Death Benefit Rider 

UIN: 116B034V02


Bajaj Allianz Accidental Permanent Total/ Partial Disability Benefit Rider

UIN: 116B036V02


Bajaj Allianz Waiver of Premium Benefit Rider

UIN: 116B031V02

In case of joint life the rider can be opted individually or jointly by the lives assured.

The rider can only be taken at the inception of the policy. For Joint Life, in case of accidental death of the first life an additional accidental death benefit shall be payable and the rider (along with the base policy) will continue on life of the surviving Life Assured. In case of non – accidental death of the first life the rider (along with the base policy) will continue on life of the surviving life assured.

Please refer to respective rider sales literature or visit Company website or consult your “Insurance Consultant” for more details and eligibility conditions.

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Term Insurance Benefits and Things To Consider Before Buying a Term Insurance Plan

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Term Insurance: How Much Should You Be Insured For And For How Long?


⭐ Is there any difference in the premium rates for smokers and non-smokers?

Yes, the premium rates differ as per the lifestyle habits of the life assured. For sum assured of ₹ 20 lakhs and above, the premium rates are decided depending on the lifestyle category of the life assured (Preferred non-smoker, non-smoker and smoker). 

⭐ The policy is available for joint life cover with a spouse. What happens in case of termination of marriage or the lives apply for separation during the policy term?

The first life will need to inform the company of the separation or divorce, along with sufficient proof. The second life is then excluded from the policy and the policy is continued as an individual life policy with a reduced premium. Once excluded, the life cannot be added again. The sum assured remains the same. 

⭐ What are the different riders available for iSecure? 

As per your requirement, you can choose from any of the three riders - Comprehensive Accidental Protection, Critical Illness Benefit and Hospital Cash Benefit.  Of these riders, Comprehensive Accidental Protection is available only for the first life assured, in case of a joint life. However, there is no restriction on selection of Hospital Cash Benefit and Critical Illness riders. 

Life Insurance Glossary

Annualised Premium

“Annualised Premium” means the total amount of Regular Premiums payable in a Policy Year, after due consideration of applicable premium factors for various Premium Payment Frequency. (In this calculation, any extra premium, Rider Premium or applicable taxes are excluded.

Grace Period

“Grace Period” means a period of fifteen (15) days for a monthly Premium Payment Frequency and thirty (30) days for other than monthly Premium Payment Frequency, from the due date of the Regular Premium payment.

Life Assured

“Claimant” means the Life Assured (if alive) or Policyholder (if different from the Life Assured) or the assignee or the Nominee or the legal heirs of Policyholder/Nominee(s) to whom the Policy Benefit will be payable.

Maturity Date

“Maturity Date” means the date specified in the Schedule on which the Maturity Benefit as per policy document shall become payable to the Policyholder


“Nominee” means the person who has been nominated in writing to the Company by the Policyholder, who is entitled to receive the Death Benefits under the Policy as mentioned in Policy Document.

Paid-up Sum Assured on Death

“Paid-up Sum Assured on Death” is the reduced value of the Sum Assured on Death arrived at by multiplying the Sum Assured on Death with the proportion of the number of Regular Premiums paid to the total number of Regular Premiums payable under the Policy.

Paid-up Sum Assured on Maturity

If the Regular Premiums due for first three (3) Policy Years are paid and subsequent Regular Premiums are not paid, the Policy will, immediately and automatically, be converted to a paid-up Policy on the expiry of the Grace Period as per the conditions stated in the policy document.

Paid-up Sum Assured

“Paid-up Sum Assured” is the reduced value of the Sum Assured arrived at by multiplying the Sum Assured with the proportion of the number of Regular Premiums paid to the total number of Regular Premiums payable under the Policy


“Policyholder” means the adult person named in the Schedule who has concluded the Policy with the Company

Rider Benefit

“Rider Benefit” means the benefit payable under the Rider on the happening of the contingent event covered under the Rider. For more details, refer to the Policy Document

Rider Life Assured

“Rider Life Assured” means the person named as the Rider Life Assured in the Schedule whose life is assured under this Rider

Rider Premium

“Rider Premium” means the amount exclusive of applicable taxes, if any, payable by the Policyholder at regular intervals during the Rider Premium Paying Term, in amount (along with and as part of the Regular Premium) and at the Premium Payment Frequency.

Rider Premium Paying Term

“Rider Premium Paying Term” means the period specified in the Schedule during which the Rider Premium is payable.

Rider Term

"Rider Term” means the period between the Date of Commencement of Rider and the Rider Maturity Date, as mentioned in the Schedule

Sum Assured on Maturity

"Sum Assured on Maturity” is the amount as specified in the Schedule under the Policy Document

Sum Assured

“Sum Assured” is the amount as specified in the Schedule under the Policy.

Surrender Benefit

“Surrender Benefit” means the benefit, if any, payable on the surrender of the Policy. The details are as given in Policy Document

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  • Amongst ‘Top 75 most valuable Indian Brands 2020’1
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  • Claims Settlement Ratio 98.02%~
  • 1 Day Claim Approval7
  • Solvency ratio of 708% **
  • AAA (IS):Stable Rating by CARE$
  • Claim deposits via electronic transfer to make process faster
  • ` 70,295 Crore Total Assets Under Management (AUM)**
  • 3.44 Crore number of lives covered#
  • Our Priority is not to sell Life Insurance, it is to serve you in the fastest & most convenient manner when you need us.

787% of non-investigative individual claims approved in one working day for FY 2019-20. 1 day is counted from date of intimation of claim before 3 PM on a working day (excluding Non-NAV days for ULIP) at Bajaj Allianz Life offices

~Individual Claims Settlement Ratio for FY 2019-2020

**All figures as on 31 December, 2020

#Individual & Group

1 Report published by Kantar millward brown

2Survey conducted by brand equity – Nielsen in March 2020

$For details refer to press release published by CARE


"What are your life goals?" is one of the most common questions that comes to one's mind while taking any step further in Life. Most just answer it by laughing it off or saying we will think about it.

A key reason that they feel this way is that they haven't spent enough time thinking about what they want from their life, and haven't set themselves any goals.

Goals keep changing as per different life stages and one has to plan meticulously for their future.

Deciding your Life Goal is all about planning to "Live your life, your way". There could be various Life Goals such as trotting the globe, becoming a food blogger to starting your own business, owning your dream house, or planning your Childs education or marriage.

L"IF"E is full of IF's... and one needs to plan to secure their loved ones and themselves against the Ifs of Life. When you opt for a life insurance plan, you transfer your family's financial risks in case of any unfortunate event to the life insurer. This allows you and your loved ones to live life fearlessly. Life Insurance protects your family's financial wellbeing from the consequences of living without an income.

When you purchase a life insurance policy, one of your major life goal gets fulfilled i.e. you purchase a sense of security. A safety net that cushions your family members from the financial impact of your sudden absence and ensures that any outstanding debts that were incurred during your lifetime don't fall upon your loved ones.

Having life goals is an important aspect in each one's life. One needs to be SMART and plan out well in advance to ensure nothing goes wrong in the future. Life insurance offers a range of products that could come in handy for meeting your financial goals.

To ensure that it is not too late, get your #LifeGoals insured with us today! It will help you smile in the face of tomorrow's uncertainties and let you live a worry free life!