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All About Investment Planning

Bajaj Allianz Investments Guide

Investment Plans for Your Future

The right investment plan could help you achieve your financial goals and objectives. For different stages of life, you require funds. You need a large corpus to meet different life goals like marriage, buying a house, child’s education, your own retirement and so on. The right investment plan could help you achieve those financial goals. Here’s a simple guide to understand how an investment plan could help you create a corpus to fulfil your life goals.

5 Tips to Choose an Insurance cum Savings Plan

5 Tips to Choose an Insurance cum Savings Plan

Many individuals view life insurance plans only as a form of financial protection for their family. While that is true, a life insurance plan can offer more than just protection. Intriguing, isn’t it? Continue reading to find out how to invest money through a savings plan.

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Tax saving options for salaried employees

Tax Saving Options For Salaried Employees

If you are just joining the workforce, tax planning is essential when it comes to reducing your tax liability. For salaried individuals, knowing how to invest money in one’s twenties and thirties can be the difference between financial prosperity and hardship in one’s retirement age. There are a slew of tax saving investments in the market currently. For salaried people, knowing where to put their money can help reduce their tax liability by the end of the financial year. Here are a few tax saving investments to consider putting your money in.

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How to manage personal finances during COVID-19

How To Manage Your Personal Finances During COVID-19

As the pandemic of COVID-19 spreads across the world, it causes an inevitable impact on various facets of our lives. The nature of the pandemic can make people concerned about their physical health. Meanwhile, as market conditions are affected, it is natural to feel somewhat restless about your financial health as well.

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How to invest money during COVID-19

How To Invest Money During The COVID-19 Pandemic

No matter their financial goals or background, every investor is advised to incorporate at least a few long-term investments in their portfolio. With the power of compounding, these long-term investment plans in India have been relied upon to help save taxes and yield favourable returns over time. However, with the current pandemic making a substantial impact on the market, there is widespread panic among investors of all kinds.

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Monthly investment plans

Monthly Investment Plans

Volatility in the financial markets during the past few months has unnerved scores of investors. Global benchmark indices plunged in the bear market territory in record time. Making sense of the market could not be tougher and as far as finding an entry and exit point is concerned, it has proved to be an uphill task even for veteran investors.

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5 investment tips for working women

5 Investment Tips For Working Women

The participation of women in the workforce has risen substantially in the last few decades. Men are no more the only breadwinners in the family. From finance to management, to sales, women have excelled in all types of jobs. However, just having a stable source of income is no guarantee of a stable financial future. Investing surplus money into a mix portfolio is as important as earning well so that you can achieve your Life Goals.

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COVID-19 investment plans

Don’t Let COVID-19 Derail Your Long-Term Investment Plans

With increasing financial awareness in the country, financial products have gained wider acceptability. There are various types of investment. Some investments are made with a short-term objective with the maximum investment tenure of five years. Short-term investments are relatively liquid and can be easily converted into cash. However, short-term investments may not generate returns sufficient to achieve life goals, which requires substantial capital accumulation. Wealth can be accumulated only by staying invested for the long term.

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Investment options

Investment Plans In India For FY 20-21

You earn and spend your income month after month, but the secret to securing your future and ensuring that you meet your life goals lies in investing. Life goals can vary from one person to the next. For some people, it may involve purchasing or constructing a new home. For others, life goals could involve giving their children the best possible education. Yet other people may have life goals that focus on planning well for retirement.

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Endowment life insurance plan

Endowment Policy – Life Insurance Plan With Stable Returns

Every year lakhs of people die in road accidents in India. As per recent data, over 1.5 lakh to be precise[1]. Life insurance is essential to guard against such unforeseen circumstances. Keeping an insurance policy active requires you to pay the premiums on time. But you also have other goals for which you need to set aside a portion of the monthly income as savings. How do you balance between savings and insurance? One option you may consider is to invest in an endowment plan.

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Do long term investment options provide better returns

Do Long Term Investments Provide Better Returns?

Investments are an essential part of financial planning. With the prices of everyday goods and essential services steadily increasing, merely saving your income won’t be sufficient anymore. What you really need to focus on is investing your money, so it can grow exponentially over the long term. Now, if you’re planning to invest in any one or more of the many financial investment products available to Indian investors, it becomes important to choose between short-term and long-term investment options that suits your needs.

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 Savings and investment plans difference

Difference Between Savings And Investment Plans

Indians are known to be good savers. The habit to keep aside a part of the income is inculcated from childhood. Children across age groups save coins in piggy banks to utilise at a later date. But as one grows up, just putting aside currency notes and coins are not enough. How the accumulated money is used determines the long-term financial stability of the individual.

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 Life insurance investment

5 Reasons To Make A Life Insurance Investment

Humans spend their entire lives accumulating and securing material possessions. An expensive phone or a priceless watch is given more attention than health. But the slightest of impact on the health of a bread-earning member can throw the whole family into turmoil. Some people take their health seriously, but living a healthy life is half the work. How do you protect your family against unforeseen circumstances? Even a healthy body and mind cannot guarantee protection from unfortunate incidents. A life insurance investment plan in such cases can help in providing long-term financial stability to your family.

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Where to invest money

Where To Invest Money In India

First-time investors are often faced with the question of where to invest money in India. With the country’s financial markets teeming with several types of investments, it can be overwhelming to choose an instrument that suits your requirements and risk appetite. Some of these options even qualify as tax-saving investments, meaning that they can help you reduce your tax liability as an added advantage.

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Tax saving investment plans in India

Tax Saving Investments – 3 Ways Insurance Can Help You Save Tax

The life insurance industry in the country has seen a steady growth over 6 years from 2012 to 2018, and the premium from new life insurance business reached Rs. 2.15 trillion, an increase of 10.73 percent year-on-year in FY19[1].

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Online investment plans in India

Online Investment Plans – Benefits And How To Get Started

Investing your money in the right instruments is pivotal to achieving your financial goals. If you’re salaried or self-employed professionals, you probably have a tendency to save up a part of your earnings each month. And while it’s a good thing to save a portion of your income, it’s a smarter strategy to invest it. This is because money that is invested prudently can help you make more money. This, in turn, allows you to achieve your long-term financial goals sooner.

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Goal based investing

Goal Based Investing - How to Get Your Strategy Right

Goals give us direction, vision, motivation and clarity. To achieve success, we must first set goals or life would be similar to riding a directionless boat. Just as in other aspects of our life, it’s important to set goals in our financial life.

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Long term investment plans

Long term investment plans - What Are Their Benefits?

We cannot ignore or deny the power of long term investing. The principles of long term investment are in tune with the simple virtues of life such as patience and perseverance that always bear fruits. Historical data of the stock market proves that equities offer the best opportunity for wealth creation in the long-term. Returns from equity-based investment options such as unit linked insurance plans (ULIPs) have also shown how long term investment plans help generate wealth.

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Power of compounding math explained

What is Power of Compounding and How it enhances your Investments

Certain life goals like traveling the world, having a dream wedding, sending the kids abroad for higher education, etc. are very close to our hearts. These goals require careful financial planning. In this scenario, the power of compounding is beneficial. Compounding is an excellent way to ensure a substantial amount to fund your Life Goals. It is a catalyst for generating a considerable corpus over the long term so you can get your Life Goals Done.

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3 Major Types Of Insurance Plans

3 Major Types Of Insurance Plans

From the time you start earning, the chances of accumulating funds are higher. However, the savings habit inculcated in Indians overlooks the benefits of investment plan

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 What Is Return On Investment?

What Is Return On Investment?

Planning Life Goals has become an important aspect for every investor today. It is important for one to realise their life goals and plan for them accordingly.

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Got Your Salary Hike? Know Where to Invest Money

Got Your Salary Hike? Know Where to Invest Money

Appraisal season has come to an end and it is most likely that by now you have got your salary hike and performance bonus. While you might be tempted to splurge the additional cash, judicious use of the surplus income can

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How Life Insurance Goes Beyond Income Replacement

How Life Insurance Goes Beyond Income Replacement

Most of us buy life insurance to financially protect our family in the event of loss of income of the earning member, and to fulfil our family's life goals. Generally, the investments made for achieving these life goals are long-term in nature

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Investing for the first time? here are some tips to help you make the right investment

Investing for the first time? here are some tips to help you make the right investment

If you are investing for the first time, the chances are that you will be bombarded with advice and tips from your friends and relatives, or you might be confused by never-ending instructions from financial publications.

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Avail Systematic Investment Plans for a more stable financial future

Avail Systematic Investment Plans for a more stable financial future

We all have various financial obligations like daily needs, school fees, and short trip with family or buying a fancy gadget where we require onetime payment for which money can be relatively collected easily.

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4 ways to invest your annual bonus

4 Ways You Can Spend Your Annual Bonus - Know How To Invest Money

For most of the salaried professionals, this time of the year brings in much joy and a sense of achievement. You get your annual bonus besides your usual monthly salary - just like the icing on top of a cake..

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