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Bajaj Allianz Life
Smart Assist

  • Real-time expert advice

  • Remote form-filling assistance

  • Transparent and Secure

Smart assist features and benefits

Bajaj Allianz Life Smart Assist

Get your Life Goals Done with SMART ASSISTBINA MILEY MIL-KAR


With face to face meetings being restricted as a result of lockdown, Bajaj Allianz Life is here with a digital assistant to keep your life goals on track, irrespective of the limitations due to the COVID -19 pandemic. Our latest revolutionary technology service launch is the Smart Assist visual assistant service: a screen-to-screen consultation for any Bajaj Allianz Life customer that can be carried out from the comfort of your home. Here’s everything you need to know about Smart Assist.

What is Smart Assist?


Smart Assist is a revolutionary virtual assistant by Bajaj Allianz Life. This means that Smart Assist acts as a digital assistant and allows for customers to engage in personalized conversation with Bajaj Allianz Life's representative anytime, from anywhere. The interaction is on a completely secure online portal that comes with end-to-end encryption. The real-time screen sharing service and chat option within Smart Assist seamlessly replaces face to face interactions considering customers preference due to COVID -19 restrictions. The innovative tech enabled service i.e. Smart Assist is designed to deliver a superior service experience and play an essential role in keeping the life goals of our customer on track.

How Smart Assist Works


Smart Assist is an innovative co-browsing service that enables personalised engagement with customers in a completely secure environment, with end-to-end encryption. All a customer needs to do is approve and then click on a link shared by the Company to start the co-browsing session. The easy-to-use screen sharing feature allows even non-tech-savvy customers to check on the product and complete the form filling procedure. All this takes place in real-time, enabling customers to completely understand the product they are looking at to start their Life Goals journey.

In case a customer would like to make any changes during the proposal filing process, they can simply highlight it to Company’s sales representative through an in-built chat window, and get it rectified. Another crucial benefit of this service is that – if the customer wants to connect with an expert beyond the Company’s sales representative, then she/he can connect with a Company expert in real-time on the same interface.

Unique Features of Smart Assist


Smart Assist helps the customer to completely understand the product or service they are seeking clarifications on to achieve their life goals. Here are some of the most unique features of Bajaj Allianz Life’s Smart Assist.

  • Allows Screen-2-Screen interaction in the time when Face-2-Face meetings are not encouraged

  • Enables customers know all details of the product, the details being filled in the form via this unique screen-sharing service

  • Expert assistance enabled for instant support

  • Allows effective, real-time sharing of product brochures and benefit illustrator Comes with Chat options within the platform while screen-sharing

Benefits of Smart Assist – How Smart Assist helps you fulfill your Life Goals


Smart Assist is among the latest innovative virtual assistance services offered by Bajaj Allianz Life. It is one of its kind due to its screen sharing feature along with end-to-end encryption. Here are some added benefits of using this tool.

  • Personalized approach to problem-solving as every customer has a unique set of needs and life goals they want to achieve.

  • This virtual assistant is intuitive to use as even non-tech savvy individuals can learn from the screen sharing feature without too much hassle.

  • Real-time digital assistant that addresses your doubts instantly.

  • 100 % secure platform with end to end encryption providing a secure environment to the customers to get their life goals done

  • An innovative platform that enables complete virtual assistance to customers. Customers can be reached out to and can be assisted from anywhere at any time, solving insurance-related queries in much more streamlined and accessible manner

  • Device agnostic i.e. the customer can access Smart Assist from any device (Mobiles/Tablets/laptops)

  • No need to install any application or make an account to start the co-browsing session. It can be accessed simply from your web browser.

Steps to Use Bajaj Allianz Life Smart Assist


Here’s how you can use the Bajaj Allianz Life Smart Assist virtual assistant:

1. You will receive a link on your smartphone device from the Bajaj Allianz Life sales representative assigned to you.

2. Clicking the link will start the co-browsing process by opening up Smart Assist digital assistant which is a completely safe screen sharing portal. You can access Smart Assist from your mobile, PC, or laptop simply by clicking the link which will open in your web browser to show you Bajaj Allianz Life sales representative screen.

3. Through Smart Assist’s seamless screen sharing technology, the Bajaj Allianz Life expert available on this virtual assistant technology will guide you through your queries such as the form filling process for a new policy, by showing you the exact steps on their screen

In short, you will be able to access Smart Assist virtual assistant through a link sent by a sales representative from Bajaj Allianz Life. It’s that simple. All you need is a smartphone device with internet-enabled so you can receive the link and access this innovative technology and avail a personalised experience to start your life goal journey.



Through Smart Assist, Bajaj Allianz Life customers can receive digital assistance services by directly connecting with a sales representative screen to screen. The Smart Assist virtual assistant is here to connect with you and answer your doubts regarding life insurance application form and help you plan for your life goals. Explore this revolutionary and unique technology service launched by Bajaj Allianz Life today and don’t allow any kind of restrictions get in the way of achieving your financial goals.

⭐ How to access Smart Assist?

To access Smart Assist’s virtual assistance services, you first have to connect with a Bajaj Allianz Life representative who will share a link with you to open up the life insurance assistant. You can access Smart Assist from your mobile, PC, or laptop simply by clicking the link which will open in your web browser.

⭐ Do I need to download or install any app to access Smart Assist?

No. You only require to approve and click a link shared with you by the sales representative on your personal device to start the co browsing session. No additional installations are required.

⭐ How does Smart Assist work?

When you click the link offered by the sales representative from Bajaj Allianz Life, you will be able to see their screen via Smart Assist. For life insurance assistance, this screen share features can help you observe the step by step process that the sales representative is carrying out to guide you through the form filling process on their screen.

⭐ Is Smart Assist secure to use?

Yes. It is a completely safe virtual assistant with end to end encryption for secure processing. Consent is required from the customer through an OTP as well for online payment collection.

⭐ What details do I need to provide?

You do not need to provide any details regarding your policy account to access Smart Assist’s virtual assistance services. You simply need to approve and click the link that will be sent to your registered mobile number from the sales representative to open Smart Assist.

⭐ Do I have to share any OTP/bank account details to buy life insurance through Smart Assist?

No. You should refrain from sharing any personal details like bank account details or OTP. These are not necessary for the Smart Assist digital assistant to help you get your life goals on track. OTP is required only to give consent for processing your policy application and generation of BI

⭐ Can I use Smart Assist to pay my existing life insurance policy’s premium?

Yes, Smart Assist can guide you in any life insurance assistance including payment of your existing policy’s premium.


Disclaimer:The purpose of this application is to provide digital assistance to customer keeping in view the social distancing norms and customer safety to be maintained due to the COVID 19 pandemic