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Aapke Life Goals ka back-up plan

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Your Mom-Dad’s Europe Trip

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Abdul Wahid, you can Startup
Life Goal in 2028 by investing

`25,000/ month


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Bajaj Allianz Life Goal Assure

A new age ULIP for Life Maximizers

Premium is dependent on product terms and conditions

Rate Of Return: It is important to have realistic expectations of return from investments.
As a thumb rule, the higher the risk borne, the higher is the expected return.

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Aapke Life Goals ka back-up plan covers COVID -19 Claims*

Bajaj Allianz Life Smart Proect Goal

Bajaj Allianz Life Smart Protect Goal - A Non Linked, Non Participating, Pure Life Term Insurance Plan

  • 3% discount on online purchase^
  • ` 1 Crore Cover @ Rs. 18~ per day
  • 55 critical illnesses covered#
  • Child education cover#
  • Return of premium option#
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* All figures as on 31 March, 2020,# Individual & Group

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Happy life goal clients

I wanted to invest for my Future Goals. After comparing with other financial tools. I am a 7 year old customer of Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance and very happy about the services.

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The 1st step to achieving your Life Goals is to literally have to describe the goal and your life in a great deal of detail. Once your life goals are defined, the next step is creating a plan to get there. Achieving life goals is a long and complex process. Based on your knowledge of what it will take to achieve your goal, the next step is to break it down into smaller components.

Most people buy Life Insurance primarily to ensure peace of mind and secure their families standard of living in case of any unfortunate event. Life Insurance ensures that your loved ones will meet their Life Goals, come what may!

A life insurance policy can prove advantageous in a number of ways besides just the risk cover. When you opt for a life insurance plan, you could stand to receive the following benefits.

Life insurance policy offers you tax saving benefits under section 80C of the Income Tax Act, 1961. Under this Act, the premiums paid towards a life insurance policy are allowed as tax deductions from your taxable income up to the tune of INR 1.5 lacs every year. The payout of a life insurance policy, if any, may also be exempt from taxation.

With a life insurance policy you stand to receive two loan-related benefits. The first is that if you meet with an untimely demise, your life insurance plan will safeguard your loved ones from any mortgages you may have, such as home loans, etc.

In case of a financial crunch, instead of surrendering your policy mid-way through your goal realization, you can easily avail loans by putting your life insurance policy up as a collateral. You can take a loan against the surrender value of your life insurance policy. This is applicable for certain types of Life Insurance products.

Some life insurance plans also provide as a useful investment and compulsory savings instrument. They allow for long term capital accumulation and appreciation whilst also protecting your family members from the ups and downs in life with tax benefits.  Everybody has life goals and Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance is here to help you achieve them.

A life insurance policy can also serve as an effective tool that aids in your financial planning at every stage of your life  goal. For example, with a child life insurance plan, you can plan for your children's upbringing, their education and even their marriages, right from the day they're born.

  • Amongst ‘Top 75 most valuable Indian Brands 2019’1
  • One of the most Trusted Brand2
  • Claims Settlement Ratio 98.02%~
  • 1 Day Claim Approval7
  • Solvency ratio of 745% **
  • AAA (In) Rating by CARE – Highest Claims Paying Ability$
  • Claim deposits via electronic transfer to make process faster
  • ` 56,085 Total Assets Under Management (AUM)
  • 3.44 Crore number of lives covered#
  • Our Priority is not to sell Life Insurance, it is to serve you in the fastest & most convenient manner when you need us.

787% of non-investigative individual claims approved in one working day for FY 2019-20. 1 day is counted from date of intimation of claim before 3 PM on a working day (excluding Non-NAV days for ULIP) at Bajaj Allianz Life offices

~Individual Claims Settlement Ratio for FY 2019-2020

**All figures as on 31 March, 2020

#Individual & Group

1 Report published by Kantar millward brown

2Survey conducted by brand equity – Nielsen in March 2019

$For details refer to press release published by CARE

"What are your life goals?" is one of the most common questions that comes to one's mind while taking any step further in Life. Most just answer it by laughing it off or saying we will think about it.

A key reason that they feel this way is that they haven't spent enough time thinking about what they want from their life, and haven't set themselves any goals.

Goals keep changing as per different life stages and one has to plan meticulously for their future.

Deciding your Life Goal is all about planning to "Live your life, your way". There could be various Life Goals such as trotting the globe, becoming a food blogger to starting your own business, owning your dream house, or planning your Childs education or marriage.

L"IF"E is full of IF's... and one needs to plan to secure their loved ones and themselves against the Ifs of Life. When you opt for a life insurance plan, you transfer your family's financial risks in case of any unfortunate event to the life insurer. This allows you and your loved ones to live life fearlessly. Life Insurance protects your family's financial wellbeing from the consequences of living without an income.

When you purchase a life insurance policy, one of your major life goal gets fulfilled i.e. you purchase a sense of security. A safety net that cushions your family members from the financial impact of your sudden absence and ensures that any outstanding debts that were incurred during your lifetime don't fall upon your loved ones.

Having life goals is an important aspect in each one's life. One needs to be SMART and plan out well in advance to ensure nothing goes wrong in the future. Life insurance offers a range of products that could come in handy for meeting your financial goals.

To ensure that it is not too late, get your #LifeGoals insured with us today! It will help you smile in the face of tomorrow's uncertainties and let you live a worry free life!

Buying a life Insurance Plan is not just about money, It's about taking the right step today to work towards your Life goals and attain peace of mind. One feels the need of  buying life insurance when he or she has someone else who is dependent on their income. The best time to buy a life insurance policy is when you're young and are less susceptible to life threatening diseases or events. What's more beneficial is that the premium amount will also be lesser than someone who is older, since the mortality rates are linked to age. Also, if the life insurance policy you choose is one that grows your money, then if you start early you don't have to worry about attaining your financial goals  when you're older.

Let's take an example to understand this:

Gaurav aged 30 years has taken a Bajaj Allianz Future Gain policy for a Policy Term (PT) of 30 years. Gaurav has decided to pay Rs.2500 as monthly premium for a premium payment term of 30 years. The Sum Assured chosen by him is Rs.4,50,000. Gaurav will receive Rs.2,709,720 lakhs (the bond fund {ULIF02610/07/06BONDFUNDLI116} value at assumed investment rate of 8%) OR Rs.1,350,016 lakhs (the bond fund value at assumed investment rate of 4%) on maturity.

In case of Gaurav's unfortunate death, in the 14th policy year, his nominee will receive Rs.4,92,807 lakhs (at 4%) or Rs.6,61,701 lakhs (at 8%) as death benefit***

Disclaimer: The returns indicated at 4% and 8% are illustrative and not guaranteed and do not indicate the upper or lower limits of returns under the policy. The sum assured amount and/or other benefit amount indicated, if any, is a non-guaranteed illustrative figure and is subject to policy terms and conditions and claim scrutiny.

***Death benefit would be higher of the sum assured or regular premium fund value PLUS higher of top-up premium sum assured or top-up premium fund value, if any, subject to policy terms and conditions. The death benefit is subject to the guaranteed death benefit, which is 105% of the total premiums paid including top-up premiums paid, if any, till the date of death. GST is charged based of type of the Policy, communication address of the Policy Holder. This may change subject to change in rate / state in address of the policy holder as on date of adjustment.

The premium you pay is decided by a number of factors. Some of them are your age, the younger you are, the less premium you pay. Your gender, women pay a marginally lower premium than men. Premium will also depend whether or not you are a tobacco user, if you smoke or chew tobacco, you'll end up with a higher premium amount. The tenure will also play a big role, the longer the tenure, the more the premium you pay.

Useful Tips to buy Life Insurance

Getting the best life insurance policy ultimately boils down to these four pointers.

1. Start young:

When you start young, you get the same coverage at a lower premium, thus allowing you a long-term, low-cost cover at minimal premiums.  The earlier you plan for your life goal the better it is for you.

2. Calculate your needs:

Getting the best life insurance policy means getting a plan that covers  all your needs and helps you work towards your life goals.  Thus to get a good plan, understanding your needs first, becomes of utmost importance.

3. Ready for inflation:

An ideal life insurance policy is the one that is inflation-proof, ensuring a comfortable life to your loved ones, even 10 years down the line!

4. Go online:

Nowadays, the best life insurance plans are available online. This is because they offer the same coverage as their offline counterparts, but at differential premium rates.

The Life Cover or Sum Assured is one of the most critical aspects of a life insurance policy. This is because, in case of any unfortunate event, it's the coverage amount that will safeguard the financial interest of your family. It's important to note that the coverage amount needed will differ from one person to another depending on a few factors, some of which are stated below:

1. The number of dependents:

The coverage amount is designed to take care of your loved ones in case you're no longer around to do so yourself. Therefore, the higher the number of dependents, the higher the coverage amount needed.

2. The lifestyle expenses of your family:

When fixing on your sum assured, make sure you take into account the present lifestyle expenses of your family. This will ensure that they enjoy a comfortable life, come what may.

Take into consideration the cost of inflation: Fixing on a coverage amount based on costs today would be a dire mistake, because this amount will not support your family's expenses 10 or 15 years down the line till the next family member comes of earning age. Also, costs of education escalate faster than normal inflation rates. Hence, one must fix on a coverage amount that includes the cost of inflation.

3. Also consider the liabilities you have:

The last thing you want is for your family members to bear the burden of your liabilities. So, if you have any loans or debts, make sure the sum assured covers these costs.