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Why You Should Undergo Medical Tests Before Buying Term Insurance

Importance of medical tests for term insurance

Why You Should Undergo Medical Tests Before Buying Term Insurance


October 25, 2019

By : Bajaj Allianz Life

Undergoing a medical test before purchasing a term policy plays a significant role. Ideally, these medical tests are essential for the determination of your health quotient. When a policyholder gets a medical examination done beforehand, the insurance companies provide them with customized plans based on such reports. Failure to do so could lead to undesirable repercussions in the long run.

Before you buy a term insurance, go through the importance of undergoing a medical test mentioned below. Take a look:

Importance of medical criteria:

A majority of insurance companies determine the premium rates based on the risks involved. Taking a medical test ensures the eradication of these risks before the purchase of the policy. When these health risks are evaluated, the insurance companies will trust your health conditions.

Typically, medical tests vary from person to person. However, these tests are largely dependent on the information that you fill in the application form. Insurance companies usually ask for reports associated with blood tests, urine tests, weight measurements, and so forth.

A medical test is helpful since it offers tons of benefits to the policyholders. Take a look at these benefits of undergoing a medical examination before buying term insurance mentioned below:

Benefits of undergoing a medical test before purchasing term insurance:

1. Your claims are approved

The health condition of a policyholder significantly impacts the claims. Hence, take a medical test since you’ll have to make a statement about the same in the application form. In case you keep your existing health condition under wraps, it will lead to future consequences. Failure to disclose your medical history could result in rejection of the claim.

2. You pay a lower premium

Credible insurance companies make these medical tests a mandate. A policy that requires medical tests bases their premium rate on the results of the medical reports. For instance, an excellent medical health report means lesser premiums and vice versa.

3. Insurance companies provide extensive coverage

Typically, the companies that do not require medical reports for low-value plans. Usually insurance companies do not provide its policyholders with a coverage of more than five lakhs without medical clearance. To obtain a sustainable amount of coverage, get your medical tests done, and let the insurance company take the decision further. Opting for a broader coverage paves the way to achieving your life goals with ease.

To sum up, a medical test can impact the premium amounts under term policies. It not only gives a clear picture of your health but also helps approve any future claims. Hence, go ahead with the medical tests first as a backup for the heath declaration to be made in the proposal form, and then make a purchase, accordingly.

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