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Retirement Planning Calculator By Bajaj Allianz Life

Planning for your retirement is important to ensure uninterrupted financial support for enjoying a worry free retired life. Calculate the amount of retirement fund you will need to get your retirement goals done.

Retirement Calculator
Fellow Investor

I spend approximately 10000 every month

Invest for a Year

I am planning to work for 10 more years

Invest for a Year

I will require funds for at least 20 years

Expect return Graph

I expect the rate of inflation to be 5%

Expect return Graph

My expected annual rate of return is 12%

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You'll Need `17,531 per month to reach your Life Goal


Future Value of your Current Expenses after 10 years will be ` 1,544,986

Time period
Monthly spend
Rate of Return

Basis on your Current Expenses ` per month, your required corpus at retirement would be `

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The findings generated from the above calculator is completely and solely based on the information shared by you with respect to questions being asked his has no linkage with any offer/benefits/outcomes associated with our Products. Bajaj Allianz Life will not be responsible for any kind of repercussions on any decisions made by you basis the use of this calculator. For calculator purposes, it is assumed that the payments are made in advance i.e beginning of the month