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Power of Compounding Calculator By Bajaj Allianz Life

Compounding refers to generating interest from previous earnings. The Power of Compounding Calculator helps you understand how much you will earn if you invest a fixed amount and let it compound for a fixed time period and at a given annual rate of return. Find out how much your savings can grow with the power of compounding by using our easy and simplified compound interest calculator.

Calculate Returns on your investment in just 3 simple steps to plan for your Life Goals.

Power of compounding calculator
Fellow Investor

Raj – A fellow investor has invested the same amount as you to get his Life Goals Done

Invest for a Year

Raj will invest for 17 years

Expect return Graph

Raj expects the same rate of return as you

Prev Next
Prev Next
  • Raj's Wealth
  • Your Wealth

The wealth Raj creates

Raj's Absolute Gain `23,52317 years

The wealth you create

Your Absolute Gain `17,53115 years

Time Period
Amount to Invest
Rate of Return

Raj can earn`5,992more by investing for2 yearslonger than you. info-icon Stay invested for a long term to enjoy the benefits Compounding

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The findings generated from the above calculator is completely and solely based on the information shared by you with respect to questions being asked and assuming a growth rate of 8%. This has no linkage with any offer/benefits/outcomes associated with our Products. Bajaj Allianz will not be responsible for any kind of repercussions on any decisions made by you basis the use of this calculator.