All About Health Insurance Plans

  • How to Choose the Best Critical Illness Cover for Yourself

    With increasing incidences of critical illnesses, such as heart ailments, insurance policies covering such diseases are a must-have in your insurance portfolio. While mediclaim policies cover the hospitalization expense the reality is,... Read More

  • Everything You Need To Know About Critical Illness Health Insurance Plans

    Being healthy is crucial to achieving any life goal. While one part of being healthy is exercising and eating healthy, the other element is to financially prepare for any illness or eventuality,.. Read More

  • Know 4 Different Types of Health Insurance Plans

    Healthcare expenses can be the biggest drag on your finances. With lack of quality public healthcare system, we invariably fall back on private medical services, which come at a higher cost. Moreover, with healthcare inflation increasing at a double-digit rate,.. Read More

  • Compare an ordinary Health Insurance Plan and a Critical Illness Cover

    Many of us are confused about the difference between a traditional health insurance plan and a critical illness cover and sometimes might even use the terms interchangeably. That's not all, some of us also believe.. Read More

  • Handle NCDs with the help of a Critical Illness Cover

    Cast a cursory glance around and the chances are some of your friends or acquaintances are battling serious illnesses. There has been a dramatic surge in the incidences of Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs), like heart ailments and Cancer, over the last few years.... Read More

  • Critical Illness Cover Policy or Rider Benefit: What makes more sense?

    Sometimes we have to handle a few hurdles in our road to realizing our life goals. Usually, these hurdles arrive when we least expect them. Critical Illness, such as heart ailment, diabetes or cancer, is one such possible problem... Read More

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