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Your family is your joy & pride, and your world revolves around your children. Know more

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Bajaj Allianz Lifelong Assure
A Non-linked Whole Life Plan

Bajaj Allianz Lifelong Assure - Assuring you lifelong income with a lifelong cover! Know more

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Every child is special, so are their dreams, start planning for it today! Know more

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Learn MoreWhat are Child Insurance Plans ?

You wish to see your child do better than you.... this dream can be realized only if you support it with the right financial planning and secure your child's education and higher education expenses, their extra curricular activities as well as supporting their talent and of course marriage expenses. The only way to get over this worry is to choose a sizeable child planw hich will secure the future of your child.

Child plans are regular life insurance policies designed in such a way that they meet the needs of your children financially as and when it arises. The most important benefit in child plan is that even if the parent were to meet with an unfortunate event your child's needs would still be taken care of. Not only does the child plan offer a lump-sum payment on the death of the policyholder, but it also waives of all future premiums and the insurance company continues investing this money on behalf of the policyholder.

Systematic and steady savings with Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance will help you to take care of all future goals and securing them, even if you are not there. Bajaj Allianz Life's Child insurance plans and policies offer security against constraints like inflation and rising educational expenses. To take concrete steps towards realizing your child's dreams, start right away with Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Child Plans.

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Know MoreSaving for Child

Saving for a child's future should start as soon as he/she becomes a part of your world. Starting early will help you keep ahead of your child's requirements. Invest such that you get optimal returns and ensure that the child gets the money no matter what the circumstances. A child plan will make the parent continue investing year after year, thus ensuring that he or she saves enough for the kid.
There are two primary needs for which parents should plan - education and marriage of the child. You need to consider the time and year of required funds for the respective events. The maturity amount should be sufficient to meet the future needs. By future needs, we mean not just academic needs; the plan should also provide for extra-curricular talents and interests. Tomorrow if your child wants to learn how to play the piano or pursue their interest in lawn tennis further, you need to make arrangements such that they can be taken care of satisfactorily. While planning for the amount of expenses, keep in mind the inflation, which may increase your requirements manifold.

Why Bajaj Allianz Life InsuranceChild Plan

Bajaj Allianz Life's Child insurance Plans are designed to ensure that they suit all basic requirements for your child's future. It has multiple premium payment and policy terms options, Guaranteed Maturity Benefit, cash installment option, inbuilt Total Disability Benefit and much more. At Bajaj Allianz life insurance, we believe in helping you to build a robust child plan for your child's secured future.

Pick a reliable insurance plan for your children and invest TODAY!

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